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Nostalgia for Darkness Sets In

  Have you ever thought what it would be like to have a blow torch wave in slow motion across your line of vision? That is the arctic sun in … Continue reading


The Reports of My Early Demise are Largely Exaggerated

  The fact that my blog has been silent for nearly a year, and the last entry was related to a boarding pass guffaw, can mean only one thing: I … Continue reading


Hector Thunder in the Sky 20 Sept 04 – 05 Apr 13

portrait of a best friend


A few words about nothing that prove something, or not

Eeek, as soon as I set about blogging after a haitus of what, at least 6 months? I get a pop-up that says something like “Now you can call out … Continue reading


The American Dream

The dung colored military plane hovering, literally standstill, over Cloudberry at the intersection of riksvei 80 and Hunstadringen was an anomaly in the brilliant yellow and blue sky morning that … Continue reading


Hvem tror dere at jeg er?

— Vi skal begynne med en prøve. Elevene stirrer vettskremt på meg. Det er første engelsktime etter sommerferien. Jeg trøster dem med at det ikke er en faglig prøve. Bare … Continue reading


Postscript: Embassy Escapade Encore

The news is alarming when it comes on the radio. Just a week after the one-year-anniversary of July 22nd, central Oslo is being evacuated, including the palace, the national theater … Continue reading


A Day at the Embassy

This is MY country…!  I can’t help myself. I start singing that song as soon as we catch sight of the American embassy, which takes up an entire city block … Continue reading


Decisions to run or hide or pick up a pen

I am my father’s daughter. While growing up I HATED his tendency to start up a new enterprise at the drop of a hat. Tendency… no it was an obsession, … Continue reading


Another morning on the heavenly highway

At the airport again, a fine place for blogging. The strike is over in schools, but airport security workers are still striking and that makes for long lines at the … Continue reading


Easter in the Old Country

It is Quiet Week in Norway, the period before Easter during which a hush falls over the country, and it is not just because of the continuous downpour of snow. … Continue reading


What Would You Do For Money?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the all too prevalent idea that the money we earn is compensation for the inherent suffering that work is. Is … Continue reading


Poem Composed at an Airport

The clouds are the kind Jesus would come on in the fearful midwestern sky of a June summer. The kind that brought with them guilt, and a strong knowledge of … Continue reading


Mother’s Day

It is not easy being a motherand having to spend the day in bedwith crumbs and dripped teaand bed socks. And love. What is mother-lovethat is not guilt-ridden, guilt-driven, duty-bound, pillar-stronglike Heaven. Here. … Continue reading


Portrait: The First Christmas

When just two women are celebratingChristmas together, neither of them makes dinner.It is mince pies and gløg and wine and cheeseon hardtack bought in Sweden at the soccer tournament in … Continue reading


Rememberances, East Tennessee

It’s always unsettling to receive a one-line email that is not part of an on-going email conversation you are having with someone. Especially when that email is from a stranger. … Continue reading


Little squeaky children voices

They are running clockwise around the yard across the road, paired up with their legs bound together. It is Maria’s birthday. Maria of the white house below ours that is … Continue reading


Leserbrev ti Avisanordland

Det er med vantro jeg leser Amund Garfors innlegg (Tanker etter 22. juli 2011, AN 6.08.11) hvor han synes å hevde at eneste måten å forstå at “en etnisk nordmann … Continue reading


Names Will Always Hurt Me

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 2010 New Verse News.com STICKS & STONES WILL MAKE A WAR & NAMES WILL ALWAYS HURT ME by Rasma Haidri I can see them nowmy children’s grandchildren’s … Continue reading


Late Breaking News! Rasma on the forefront of technological upgrade!

Opera is hip, it’s now, it’s the web browser for the cutting edge of (mainly) young Norwegians with high amounts of student loan. A grassroots Norwegian invention, it was a … Continue reading


You do me, I’ll do you

Hi Rasma, subscribe me, I’ll subscribe you back. FOLLOW me I’ll follow you back. Just shout at me after you doing so. Thank you That message came in my morning … Continue reading

13/07/2009 · 6 Comments

Betting on the Future

I can’t always say what gets me away from my other distractions into blogging mode, but this time it is certainly the phenomenal events that kept me and dare I … Continue reading


On Censorship and Freedom

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 08, 2006 WE BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, YOU KNOW (but, being Heathens, you may not understand the meaning of that)by Rasma Haidri SjøvollIn Norway twenty years ago, … Continue reading



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