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On football, guns and gammelost

This weekend Norway has received notice of a possible terrorist attack from Syria, where about 40 Norwegians are currently on humanitarian aid missions. Some would say “supposed humanitarian aid missions.” … Continue reading


La cuisine à la française

Yes, indeed, the French still seem to shop daily and eat sparingly as a friend of mine writes. They go out for their daily bread and munch off the top … Continue reading


Sunday, it must be…

You sit long enough in a hotel room, writing poems and rewriting poems, and there comes a moment when you startle because you realize you have no idea what country, … Continue reading


And there were wars and rumors of war

Just in case my great grandchildren wonder, Yes, we did see it coming… and Yes, we did do nothing. Just like our grandparents before us. When I was a kid … Continue reading

20/02/2010 · 2 Comments

Eat Your Humble American Pie

In a country where the motto “Don’t think you’re any better than the rest of us” permeates the collective psyche, the greatest of all sins is arrogance. Even though local … Continue reading

11/12/2009 · 2 Comments

Defending Private Space

It used to be considered impolite to show up unannounced at someone’s door, especially if you were a stranger calling at an odd hour. Traveling salesmen did it, if we … Continue reading


Computer Literacy

I’m not sure what it says about the world or the next generation when I (“at my age!”) have better computer skills than my young adult students. We had exams … Continue reading


Last Day of Christmas

Took down the Christmas tree today, January 18th, and we might just be the last household in the country, if not the world, to do so. As the days after … Continue reading


Come back, little Cloudberry!

It looks like I may survive this week after all. For the longest time I’ve been eyeing with dread the circle around week 49 on the calendar, the ill boding … Continue reading

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