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Out of Reach

Out of Reach I get numb on certain mornings or dazed dumbstruck stuck looking out the window  in one suspended extended  moment of no-thought.  It happens often  when I am going … Continue reading


Easter in the Old Country

It is Quiet Week in Norway, the period before Easter during which a hush falls over the country, and it is not just because of the continuous downpour of snow. … Continue reading


What Would You Do For Money?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the all too prevalent idea that the money we earn is compensation for the inherent suffering that work is. Is … Continue reading


Morning at the End of the World

Yesterday’s slush is now clods and streams of ice we  crunch through, the dog with his long clicking claws  and I with my strap-on cleats on my Canadian  Thinsulate boots. It is only the morning, and … Continue reading


Poem Composed at an Airport

The clouds are the kind Jesus would come on in the fearful midwestern sky of a June summer. The kind that brought with them guilt, and a strong knowledge of … Continue reading


The Impressionist: A novel review

What I don’t understand is how the blurbs on the cover can say things like “funny” and “exhilarating”. I agree with “brilliant” but would add that if you, like me, … Continue reading


Mother’s Day

It is not easy being a motherand having to spend the day in bedwith crumbs and dripped teaand bed socks. And love. What is mother-lovethat is not guilt-ridden, guilt-driven, duty-bound, pillar-stronglike Heaven. Here. … Continue reading


Portrait: The First Christmas

When just two women are celebratingChristmas together, neither of them makes dinner.It is mince pies and gløg and wine and cheeseon hardtack bought in Sweden at the soccer tournament in … Continue reading


To Blog or Not to Blog

or where or when or how or why for whom what format what formål it used to be that I would lie in bed in the morning, unable to get … Continue reading


Rememberances, East Tennessee

It’s always unsettling to receive a one-line email that is not part of an on-going email conversation you are having with someone. Especially when that email is from a stranger. … Continue reading


Little squeaky children voices

They are running clockwise around the yard across the road, paired up with their legs bound together. It is Maria’s birthday. Maria of the white house below ours that is … Continue reading


Dawn musings: the design of fathers and music boxes.

A moment ago the rays of rising sun were spotlighting a photo on my wall, making a vignette of my mother standing behind the chair of my father who is … Continue reading


A Word about Elements

Ah, the lime and green-tomato taste of Kristiansand on my toast. I am slowly working my way through the jars of marmalade in the cellar. We don’t have a cellar, … Continue reading



Leserbrev ti Avisanordland

Det er med vantro jeg leser Amund Garfors innlegg (Tanker etter 22. juli 2011, AN 6.08.11) hvor han synes å hevde at eneste måten å forstå at “en etnisk nordmann … Continue reading


Flowers for Utøya

The first thing that strikes you when watching the evening news is that Utøya is shaped like a heart.  It becomes its own symbol, a memorial ground, even though all … Continue reading

13/08/2011 · 2 Comments

Last Days of Summer (?)

Here I sit surrounded by sweetpeas with a cup of chai and a brilliant sun reflecting off the fjord and mountains. It is Tuesday, already less than a week until … Continue reading


Abrupt Encounter with a Shift in Time

at Gardemoen back from france, i sit in the corner guarding two wheeled carts overloaded with suitcases, waiting for them, vero bia and kazi to get done at dutyfree, and … Continue reading


Seeing Utøya from Abroad

Sitting on the plane from Paris to Oslo.  “The refreshing sound of Norwegian spoken by a flight attendant who didn’t know French…” That was Bia’s first remark.  Mine was “The … Continue reading


The Eiffel Tower by Night, for Sheila who suffered the most authentic of all French experiences, the transit strike…



La cuisine à la française

Yes, indeed, the French still seem to shop daily and eat sparingly as a friend of mine writes. They go out for their daily bread and munch off the top … Continue reading


Les élèves me manquent

I miss my students.The 7th grade French students I used to wow with my French-only-approach to class the first day of school. Once, in Chicago, a handsome young man in … Continue reading


La Quotidienne

Sunday morning line at the bakery, Taverny Heat the milk, brew the coffee, totter on down to the pastry shop, the bakers, the butchers, and the supermarket, which is either … Continue reading


Money, money, money – bad for the spirit?

In Reiki healing the teaching is that the person receiving the reiki must pay. Reiki is energy, and money, too, is only energy so the exchange of energy for energy … Continue reading


A lazy afternoon in Taverny, a nightmare in Oslo

We finally got on the internet on our computers, my airbook, Bia’s macbook, Kazi’s android pad, and the first thing we see is: Explosion in Oslo. Witnessing here the wildfire … Continue reading


At the airport wondering what’s undone

Are we finally out of the house and into the airport, having locked the correct keys into the car and placed it so the French people can find it? Have … Continue reading


Sunday, it must be…

You sit long enough in a hotel room, writing poems and rewriting poems, and there comes a moment when you startle because you realize you have no idea what country, … Continue reading


Tromsø and the coastal steamer

After three days in Sweden we crossed the Saltfjell plateau and met the wall of pine tree mountains that is Norway, the world’s most beautiful country. Still, it felt a … Continue reading


Super speeds and reindeer

Sweden does not have the world’s largest forest. Sweden IS the world’s largest forest. 6 hours wide from the Norwegian border to the Gulf of Bothnia when driving at the … Continue reading


The Obliteration of Something That Never Was?

Maybe I’ll start over. Maybe I’ll resurrect myself in a new form. But for now I’m signing off, drawing the knife, knotting the noose, taking the plunge: committing ritual facebook … Continue reading


The End of Raining Words

First, a clarification. The Reine Ord Festival has nothing to do with Rain; it is held in Reine, Lofoten, which must be one of the most impractical places on the … Continue reading


Raining Words Festival – part 2

In the fjord outside my window the seagulls are affronted by deep-sea divers who are calling it a day. Or calling it a night. Here you can call a night … Continue reading


En Route to the Raining Words Festival

So here I sit at 5:00 a.m. at gate 19 of the Bodø airport, viewing with skepticism the tail end of a tiny Widerøe plane that may be the one … Continue reading



Hvordan innta en by og overvinne seg selv For noen år siden så jeg en vitsetegning i The New Yorker av en mann som holdt en papirbunke i den ene … Continue reading

06/02/2011 · 6 Comments

Even the Unsung Song is Singing of Love and Farewell

If I could spell the sound my mac makes when a message is sent I would write it down as the word that marks this moment as a … milestone, … Continue reading

10/01/2011 · 1 Comment

This time of year and the heart turns to thoughts of…

… betrayal? Not exactly. Let’s just call it change, personal growth, greener pastures, moving on in life. My first thought of leaving her came several months ago. Our relationship felt, … Continue reading


Is that my desk?

My bulletin board at VSC is empty but for the stabbed pins scattered like a complex dot to dot. Maybe they would make a picture. Maybe they would make a … Continue reading


Strike and Counterstrike

the village of Hamar has sent school satchels to Gazaand paper, reams of blank paper for making school booksand pencilsand pencil sharpenersand rulers and erasersall the crisp and shiny things a … Continue reading

01/06/2010 · 1 Comment

Names Will Always Hurt Me

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 2010 New Verse News.com STICKS & STONES WILL MAKE A WAR & NAMES WILL ALWAYS HURT ME by Rasma Haidri I can see them nowmy children’s grandchildren’s … Continue reading


And there were wars and rumors of war

Just in case my great grandchildren wonder, Yes, we did see it coming… and Yes, we did do nothing. Just like our grandparents before us. When I was a kid … Continue reading

20/02/2010 · 2 Comments

Those Were the Days, My Friend

I think that was the first song I learned to play on the guitar. Play and sing all the verses to. I could actually perform Those Were the Days and … Continue reading

24/01/2010 · 3 Comments

Eat Your Humble American Pie

In a country where the motto “Don’t think you’re any better than the rest of us” permeates the collective psyche, the greatest of all sins is arrogance. Even though local … Continue reading

11/12/2009 · 2 Comments

Late Breaking News! Rasma on the forefront of technological upgrade!

Opera is hip, it’s now, it’s the web browser for the cutting edge of (mainly) young Norwegians with high amounts of student loan. A grassroots Norwegian invention, it was a … Continue reading


9th Grade Disco

They go in matching outfits white top black bottom golden hair teased, no part They walk in sock feet sliding fast to keep up with each other round and round … Continue reading


PC or Mac? A rhetorical question…

I’ve been whining so much at home these past few days I have used up my quota of good listening and so I turn here to continue my ranting and … Continue reading


You do me, I’ll do you

Hi Rasma, subscribe me, I’ll subscribe you back. FOLLOW me I’ll follow you back. Just shout at me after you doing so. Thank you That message came in my morning … Continue reading

13/07/2009 · 6 Comments

Defending Private Space

It used to be considered impolite to show up unannounced at someone’s door, especially if you were a stranger calling at an odd hour. Traveling salesmen did it, if we … Continue reading


Computer Literacy

I’m not sure what it says about the world or the next generation when I (“at my age!”) have better computer skills than my young adult students. We had exams … Continue reading


Easter anno 09

We’ve hiked in the mountain. We’ve sat in the sun with our café latte. Now it’s time for an Easter egg. The chocolate covered almond variety, or a solid egg of … Continue reading


Close your eyes, you will hear Norway

http://www.youtube.com/get_player Veronica Jane Preiss playing a Norwegian folk tune arranged for oboe and organ by Henning Sommerro, at midnight in a wooden church… It’s a rehearsal for New Years Mass, … Continue reading

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