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Dagen derpå


I. Prague

You wake up in a foreign city, somewhere in Eastern Europe by the look of the pretzels, speckled sausages, pickled onions, seven-layer cake for breakfast. And oh the many cheeses that taste of centuries-old handicraft and the happiness of goats. In childhood geography books this land had a different name, different shape. Then borders were fixed, like the coasts of oceans, but that was only a cold-war truth. Now a new Europe is spread out in myriad lines, identities, nationalities where only mother tongues and the earth itself is unchanged. Call it what you will, the land that now surrounds Prague is the same centuries-old clusters of red-tiled roofs and spires that mark villages, each with its church. In 1977 the train sped through this landscape and your black and white photographs of kerchiefed women digging potatoes showed everything behind the iron curtain was gray. Now from the air the forests are in cultivated lines like model railroad arbors.  Planted groves in right-angled squares inside which squared spirals descend in size, like mazes, puzzles, or fairytale enchantments. This countryside is the origin of the patchwork field cliche. There is a square of plaid wool, a swathe of brushed corduroy. And look, a smooth pool of chocolate, a tarn of still green water where a tiny white and red buoy proves to be a farmhouse. Inside it, people too small to be seen keep the green wrinkle-free, a kind of fodder, maybe alfalfa for the goats and cows that give us the creamy, savory cheese that at breakfast assures you this is not home, this is far from the brittle white arctic north, this is the heart of something very cultivated and very old.


II.  Las Vegas

He was the son of the American Dream. The son shall be known by his father’s deeds. Tax evasion. Prison break. Bingo parlor. Little League. Real Estate. Buy em fix em sell em cheap. Make a buck. Make a million. Make a man a gamble. Rattle roll and ramble. Try your luck. Draw your luck. Luck of the draw. Draw your gun. Pick em off. Bump. Stock. Barrel. Bingo. Only $99.99 (plus tax) will make that semiautomatic machine gun rattatat like a fully-automatic true American.


III. A Look at Today’s Headline

Hurricane Damage in Puerto Rico Leads to Fears of Drug Shortages Nationwide 

that’s nationwide            as in stateside

as in drugs supplied to Americans

by 100 000 Puerto Ricans

in factories destroyed by Hurricane

Maria ¡Qué cojones!

diesel shortage

road damage

electricity cut

phones kaput

Puerto Rican radio sending pleas

Workers, come to work, please!

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb

says some of these products are critical

to Americans.





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