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Okay, I’m probably years or months behind everyone else knowing this, but I just found out: paypal, VISA, etc. (who live off the fat of the fact that you are willing to dispense good money for all sorts of useless things of dubious quality) will not allow you to pay money to Wikileaks.

Not allow and pay money would be an incongruous juxtaposition of terms in the normal world, the good old world in which freedom of spending money foolishly was a highly protected right. My dad used to laugh about the fact that the first thing that happened after declaring bankruptcy was you got an onslaught of loan offers from credit card companies and banks. Why? Because banks and credit card companies are in the very lucrative business of facilitating the ease by which a foolish man is parted from his money.  My dad seemed to enjoy engaging in this cycle just for the pure joy of watching the wheels of western consumer society whirl.

So why not allow me to give my money to Wikileaks, dear Paypal and Visa? The answer is obvious. 1) They are scared stiff, shaking in their boots, under threat from the very government(s) that whistleblowers have exposed. 2) They are themselves the insitutions where corruption has been exposed.

Whistleblowers are a special lot. Like prophets, they are not known and appreciated on their own territory. They are run out of town, fired from jobs, threatened and denied. Is Wikileaks a forum for real whistleblowers to channel their incriminating material, or is it the upshot of one madman’s extremist agenda? If I ever suspected the latter, the fact of the former is highly suggested by this financial blockade.

Julian Assange has sex with woman A and then three days later with woman B. A and B get together and trump up charges against him. I’m sorry, but this sounds like such a classic case of miffed lovers that the dramatic reaction by the Swedish government also smacks of pressure from above.

So now Julian Assange is seeking asylum in Ecuador.

Is that because Ecuador is a country where corruption is more rampant than in the West, and where Assange the evil-doer will be allowed to rape, molest and lie to his little heart’s content? That’s what Assange’s critics are suggesting by stating that Sweden is the world’s 4th least corrupt society and Ecuador is number 120, according to Transparency International.

I haven’t checked that source. Nor do I really know much about the ins and outs of Wikileaks. I only observe that the impact of Wikileaks has made Sweden (which made Scandinavia famous for liberal sexuality) wag a puritanical finger and the moneymonger VISA (offering an interest rate of 17%) primly snap shut its pocketbook. 

Pro- and Anti- Assange forces both claim a monopoly on what is meant by truth and freedom. I am not sure what to think. I guess I’ll make my mind up after I find out if Assange is allowed to sell the film rights to his story. 


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