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Abrupt Encounter with a Shift in Time

at Gardemoen back from france, i sit in the corner guarding two wheeled carts overloaded with suitcases, waiting for them, vero bia and kazi to get done at dutyfree, and I call the bodø kennel to see if hector can be picked up late, she says he has not been eating, has always left some food in his dish, and today wouldn’t eat, just lay out in the sun and they had to bring him in, make him come in and lie down, and i feel horrible, feel his weakness, have his cough, i am losing my voice too, have had a cough for 3 or 4 days, but his is kennel cough, it should be ok, but he was or is weak, and arthritic, so it is hard to say what shape he is in, if he is normal or not. bia says she wants to come home if he is dying, and i cant say i can promise her he isn’t, but he was doing well before we left, and i think we can get his appetite up again, and see if the kosttilskudd will help his pain, and therefore his appetite, i wonder if he got depressed being there at the kennel, being left behind, i wonder if he will be glad to see us, and I hope his cough goes away really soon, it’s too terrible to think about really, I hope he is back and well and we can get back to normal in our jeema home, looking forward to getting home, having all our rooms, our sofas, our beds, our tv, our HUGE-by-comparison kitchen, our garden (there was no grass in Taverny, except what was in the parks, behind chain ropes and black iron posts), there were actually houses in taverny I did not feel comfortable around, or was it just being out at night in the dark, summer, spooky by the church, the haunted feeling in the house, the woods, I was jittery, like in the old days, in pre-ocean days, or is it just that the light in norway has me always under its wing, and the dark in norway is just a blanket, an embrace… whereas the dark in Taverny was a lowering of the dust, a shroud, landing soon – it is august 4 2011, coming into Norway that is post-22 july

marit sendte en mail
22 juli kl. 13.03
det var i det gamle norge, 
det var i Oslo 
den gamle Oslo
virgin Oslo
jomfruelige uskyldige uberørte Oslo
lekeplassen Oslo
gylden gate grand cafe Oslo
Oslo med den gule jernbanstasjonen og det blåe trikket
Oslo jeg bodde i som nygift og forelsket
før fremmedfrykten
før 1980 tallet
før krl i hagen og 
før 9-11 
før 7-22
2 + 2 +7 = 11
viste du det? 
er det slik vi skal se etter tegn
jeg har ennå ikke tagget byen jeg bor i
med dikt
men jeg har en gull
og 10 tagger je kjøpte i London
og noen ord
noen bokstaver
jeg skal omforme
inn til ord
om jeg kan 
må prøve
må prøve
må prøve
fordi anders behring breivik 
er en plagierende feiging
og jeg
og du min kjære
vi skal lære å si
våre egne ord
vi skal erklære, erkjenne
vårt språk 


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